The Individual and Society

The modern rules of the society encourage individualistic attitudes and also separation. Touching each other in society is always considered as a sexual advancement and people stay away from each other due to this. The rights of individuals are given more importance and take precedence in the society.

So, as time goes by, people are getting lonelier. However, from a sociological point of view individuals are a part of the bigger society and they are not separate. An individual leads two lives, one in society and one with themselves. Any decisions that they may take in their personal life will affect the societal life also. In the end the definition of a society is it contains several individuals who are leading their lives with respect to their means and as well as the society.

There is a direct relationship of dependence between the individual and the society. If there is nobody to interact with, then we all will feel lonely and actually can develop serious mental and physical problems. Therefore, interaction with the society is a must. However, this interaction is very controlled and moderated.

The social research separates the society from the individual. They see them both as two different beings. Individual is a person who is free and independent, and acts at his own will. A society functions in a pre-determined way. The society controls the individual, but the individual cannot control the society and its functions. Society can also lead the individual to live in a certain way and establish their identity at the same time.

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